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Therapeutic services include individual & group relational, familial, and couple  psycho-therapy by a trained therapist with extensive knowledge of ASD and its effects.

  • Discounted fees available
  • Always considers the whole family
  • Counseling available in two office locations
    • La Jolla
    • Santee
  • Individual or family sessions available in home
  • Group or individual therapy for families, parents, couples, individuals, siblings, adolescents
  • Focuses on developing coping skills, increasing sense of ability & a sense of being alone & misunderstood

Lead Therapist:
Courtney Olinger, PsyD, MFC 49051 (Read more about Courtney)

“Families of children with disabilities often have had a history of care, having found many ways to get by and seek help, before they come into a therapists office that are often overlooked¬†¬† There needs to be greater emphasis placed on empowering families and creating room for their voice.” -Courtney

Narrative therapy can set the stage for any person or family to make sense of

  • How ASD impacts their life
  • In what ways negative effects can be limited
  • How a sense of agency can be fostered
    • Agency is the sense that every person has the ability to act in purposeful, intentional ways to regulate, shape, and intervene in their own life
      -White, M. (2007). Maps of narrative practice. New York, NY: Norton.)

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